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About Us

Hire iQ is a leading provider of Recruitment Advertising Experts, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Founded by a group of former Indeed, Monster, Workopolis, Randstad and TMP employees Hire iQ exists to solve our customers buying challenges and protect them overspending on PPC campaigns. Our unique vendor agnostic approach guarantees that knowledge gaps are filled and our goal is to always put our customer's needs ahead of the vendors they buy from.

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We are eager to share valuable insights with you and map out the needs of your business by leveraging our decades of combined experience in the HR ecosystem

PPC Campaign Management

As past alumni of Indeed.com Monster and Randstad, we've worked at the very companies you buy from today! Let us leverage our experience and help you better manages your PPC campaigns and align them to the needs of your company not the vendors you busy from and or your sales rep looking to make presidents club on your dime!

Employer Branding

We've guided many of the world's most prominent brands through their Talent Acquisition Strategies on sites like Indeed.com, Monster.com and Workopolis. We can help you strengthen your Employer Brand, Enhance Candidate Experience as well as Reputation Management.

Job Posting Optimization

We know what works, we've helped hundreds of past clients optimize their job descriptions to enhance their impressions and search engine results rankings, all the while improving the jobseeker experience.

Vendor Engagement

We've been on the other side of the phone, thousands of times., we know how it's done. Let us engage with your recruitment vendors and shield you from their up-sell strategies, ensuring your campaign is setup to meet your needs, not their sales targets.

EQ-i Assessments

Hire iQ uses the (EQ-i 2.0®) which is the worlds most widely used Emotional Intelligence Assessment accredited by the American Psychological Association.

  • Develop pre-employment screening tool
  • Job Performance Predictor
  • Leadership Development
  • Determine difference between high and low performing sales representatives

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Shayne Klayman

Co-founder & VP of Sales Linkedin
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Matt Wiggins

Co-founder & VP of Client Experience Linkedin

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